Asura Force - Free online game

Asura Force is a free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) and fighting game released in english in 2012, set in a fantasy world.

Asura Force

In a blink, time brings a great change to the world. After another millions of years, circumstances changed with the time. At present, demons run wild everywhere. Not only the earth, but the heaven is also in crisis. Now, the heavy responsibility of saving the world is entrusted to you.


Force Sprite will be your loyal and powerful partner. When you get Force Sprite, it will accompany you to grow up, increase your attributes and help you to fight monsters. Force Sprite will be displayed on game interface when it is equipped.

Game: Asura Force
Year: 2012
Genre: MMORPG and Fighting
Mode: Free to play
Platform: Download client
Tips and tricks: -
Official site:

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